The Center for Resilience of the David Lynch Foundation (501c3) was established in 2005 to address the crisis of stress and stress-related disorders that disproportionately afflicts under-resourced populations through the broad implementation of the evidence-based, nonpharmacological Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique (see page 53). In partnership with TM organizations worldwide, the Center for Resilience has become a global leader in the field, working closely with government, military, healthcare, business, education, and rehabilitation organizations to bring the technique to more than one million vulnerable adults and children.

Now, the Center for Resilience is spearheading a new health policy initiative to qualify the TM program for coverage by public and private insurers. For this, the Center is helping to (1) secure funds for a series of large-scale, independent, clinical trials on the technique’s effect on PTSD, anxiety and burnout, cardiovascular disease, etc.; and (2) establish partnerships with government agencies and private corporations that will lead to the incorporation of TM into the healthcare system.