b'B U I L D I N G R E S I L I E N T L E A D E R S C E N T E R F O R R E S I L I E N C ERESILIENCE IN LEADERSHIPJ A M E S T.S P I D E RM A R K SMajor General (Ret.)R eturn to your authentic self. Resilience is defined in many, very personal ways. As a soldier, this is how I defined it. I knew that in an instant, I could be thrust into an environment, a circumstance not of my choosing and in which I had very few exits. I had to mask my anxiety, which was real and snap back. I had to return to who I was. Better yet, I had to remain who I was.TM helps you get ready and stay ready as a resilient leader.We all experience wild, legitimate swings of emotion caused by our environment and we all greet that craziness differently. Being resilient must be achieved. Like leadership, resilience is achieved through education, training, and practice over time. Leaders do not choose the circumstances into which their teams are tossed but they choose how to handle them.with purpose, focus, vulnerability, and the clear vision to act now. Time is a perishable and unforgiving gift; it marches forward whether youre ready or not.Be ready. Transcendental meditation (TM) helps you get ready and stay ready as a resilient leader. Arguably, some leaders are born; however, resilient leaders are not. They are created. TM helps you define your authentic self. As a leader, that must be visible to all, especially yourself. 2 3'