b'B U I L D I N G R E S I L I E N T L E A D E R S C E N T E R F O R R E S I L I E N C ETOWARD A MORE RESILIENT LEADERR I C K G O I N G SNavy veteran; Chairman Emeritus, Tupperware Brands; Chairman and Co-Founder,World Federation of Youth ClubsI n the military, for good reason, the focus of Warrior Training is on enhancing mental and physical toughness through skill-building and pushing the limits with the end goal of building conditioning for combat. But, as we have seen with so many Warriors returning from these assignments, there is a price for this mental and physicalHardening. Every day TM has been my on-demand refresh-button.One heavy price, among others, is the PTSD crisis many Veterans are facing.Clearly, we must improve and enhance our conditioning and care of these valiant warriorsto ensure Resilience.And yet as I write this, the number of veteran suicides each day is holding steady at about 21.I am a proud Veteran of both theMilitaryandBusiness,with decades of service as a public company CEO. As such, I can attest to the importance ofResilience on both battlefields.This is where the benefit of TM comes into play. I have been practicing TM twice a day since I was 30 years old.Every day it has given me a quiet place I could go.Every dayit has been a release to accumulating stress.Every dayit has been my on-demand refresh-button. Does TM work?It has for me.4'