b'B U I L D I N G R E S I L I E N T L E A D E R S C E N T E TLLIE A E R S H I PCRE NF OERRCFROERA TRIEVSEI E NDC ESPECIAL OFFERING FOR FEDERAL EMPLOYEESThis same Resilient Leadership Program is now available for Federal employees, including Members of Congress and their staff, in partnership with the House Center for Well-Being. You will learn to meditate in personal instruction from a certified, senior teacher and will have access to an extensive follow up program of support at your convenience. The course structure is as follows:RESILIENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM IN GOVERNMENT8-STEP COURSE:P H A S E 1 ( 1 H O U R , C O N S E C U T I V E D AY S )1. Meditation Instruction 2. Mechanics of Correct Practice3. Science on Healing Stress and Trauma4.BenefitsforLong-termMind-BodyHealthP H A S E 2 ( 1 H O U R , M O N T H LY )5. Resilient BrainPsychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, MDNeuroscientist Fred Travis, PhD6. Resilient HeartCardiologist Holly Anderson, MDThoracic Surgeon Hassan Tetteh, MD7. Resilient Families Pediatrician Yolanda Lewis-Ragland, MDPediatrician Alexander Kolevson, MD8. Resilient LeadersMajor General (Ret.) James T. Spider MarksMajor General (Ret.) Stephen T. Rippe6 77'